Thank you Omnipotent Creator, known by many names, for creating me in a way that allows me the capacity to experience, see, embody, hold space for and operate on purpose, with purpose, from multiple perspectives as it pertains to humankind, our condition and our reasons for living.

I am FOREVER grateful you chose me to be a liaison and a bridge builder for the righteousness of Spirit and the directive to help usher people to their path back to You—To see You in themselves and to TRUST THEMSELVES as your reflection.

No matter what it looks like, the culture it is clothed in, the rituals used to connect to Your supernatural power, the incantations from oral traditions and / or edited texts with myths, mysteries and everything in between...

It ALL — the good, bad, ugly and beautiful— ALL points back to You as Divinity Supreme.

My gratitude is forever.

My destiny is to help usher in a new day for mankind to realize, we are intimately connected.

We are more alike than different.

And these boxes of culture, religion, politics, race, creed, etc. that we have created, were made to make us feel important, because as humans, our human-self (in this physical body), needs to have an identity— a tribe and a community, with boundaries, rules, societal norms, cultural traditions and other bonding experiences for feelings of oneness, safety and security.

This develops at the very beginning of life on earth for at least the first 12 years, so it’s no wonder we all innately feel we need identity to survive and thrive.

We will always need this; however, in order to grow and rise above basal frequencies being the ONLY things that drive and motivate us (fear, anxiety, worry, guilt, having something to prove, etc.), we have to meet at the crossroads, which is the heart.

In EVERY tradition, culturally, religiously and even scientifically, the HEART is the connection and transition point. Near the heart are the lungs and the thymus gland— one of the primary glands controlling our immune system.

If we can be humble enough, still enough, honest enough, to see why the heart matters so much, our traditions spell it out plainly.

Anything you think (your head / mind), say (face & thus head), or do (body, gut, limbs)— from head to toe, needs to be in alignment with your heart.

Where are we reminded that The Creator resides in us?

In our HEART.

This is not exclusive to only one belief system.

This is a primordial truth that will never change.

We have to wake up and remember to see it comprehensively, beyond the boxes, labels, titles and traditions.

Once we can see and acknowledge THAT, we can have more grace and compassion for ourselves. AND we can have the same for others no matter what their spiritual and physical walks look like.

We can start each day with the intention to align our heads, bodies and hearts with the heart energy of the Omnipotent, which is love.

We can learn and be willing to develop empathy and extend grace without defaulting that responsibility to “who paid it all.”

Once you KNOW YOUR truth; without judging, putting down others, running away from, making excuses for poor behavior, etc., stand firmly in it, believe it and LIVE it.

Walk it out with confidence that you are powerful beyond measure. Accept that with your alignment of YOUR knowing, and dedication / discipline to YOUR spiritual path, you can’t lose and the world will be better because if your commitment to LOVE.

And so it is.

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