Heal with Vibration, Sound and Energy Therapy

The Alexander Method® of Vibrational Sound and Energy Therapy is based on Quantum Physics and other scientific, as well as ancient doctrines that prove all matter vibrates to a precise frequency. Every person, every creature, every piece of nature, and every physical item is a combination of energy and vibration.

Everything has a specific vibrational resonance and that rate determines the experiences in each area of one's life.

Quite simply, the higher your vibration, the better your health and your life.

By using the correct sound and vibrational attunements, you can experience deep levels of healing at the molecular level. This experience brings your body, mind, and spirit back into perfect balance and alignment with it's higher frequencies.

The Nationally Accredited Alexander Method® is also the only program in the natural healing arts that incorporates the entirety of the human existence. Current programs address just one or two of the many proven energy systems of the human form. The Alexander Method® addresses every area of mind, body, spirit, and soul, including:

The complete chakra system
The human bio-fields
The nadis, meridians and kundalini energy
The skeletal, tissue, lymph, glandular, and nervous systems
DNA activation and repair, past life blocks, and more.

The Alexander Method® affects issues on all levels of being, opening intuitive abilities in clients and practitioners alike. This technique also uses only the best medical grade tuning forks to guarantee accurate tones and to assure consistent results. It is the only program of its kind that is dedicated to continuous updating and review of the latest scientific findings and research to keep its practitioners current.

After an Alexander Method® session clients often report:

Release of stress and deep relaxation
Reduction of depression, anxiety, and panic
Reduction of addictions & unhealthy cravings
Reduction in perimenopause and menopausal symptoms
Increase in physical energy level
Improved mental concentration and clarity
Sounder sleep and a more vivid dream experience
Reduction of arthritis, back, and chronic pain
Development and refining of sonic, intuitive and clairvoyant ability

If you are seeking a new option to break old patterns, heal and transform, contact Megan to schedule your transformative session or consider becoming a Certified Practitioner of The Alexander Method®