Megan Jenifer-Harris, teacher, violinst, sound healer, author, Internet marketer, AWAI-trained copywriter and motivational speaker and abides by her motto of “Living Life on Purpose with Purpose.”  Gifted with a myriad of inspirational tools and processes, Mrs. Jenifer-Harris is driven by her passion for teaching and spreading God’s Universal message of Love.

Megan is a lover of all-things-healing-arts. She recognizes the importance of relationships and looks for ways to foster healthy partnerships in life and business. Her Healing Place was created to collaborate with skilled healing professionals and create safe spaces for community and personal growth.

She’s received various training in music, sound healing, business, Kemetic Yoga, spirituality and prosperity from several mentors in various areas including Hampton University, Full Sail University, Lisa Alexander, AWAI, Dan Kennedy, Ronda Cole, Yirser Ra Hotep, Sandy Forster, Carol Look and Asha Tyson.

Her business, The NIA Project, Inc., is a wellness company that teaches self-development through books, workshops, as well as personal-growth, habit strategy & and energy coaching.

Although she’s a self-published author and has degrees in Music Engineering Technology (BS), Business Administration (MBA), Internet Marketing (IMMS), and is certified as a Genesis Master Vibrational Sound and Energy Therapist in The Alexander Method®️ of Sound and Vibrational Therapy, Megan is most proud of her family. She’s a wife and mom of two children & one fur baby.

Mrs. Jenifer-Harris is available for speaking engagements, music performances, sound frequency tunings, media interviews and appearances, private life-coaching, private violin, viola and cello instruction, workshops, seminars and non-profit events.