The NIA Project, Inc. is a wellness company dedicated to uplifting and enlightening humanity in order to perpetuate greater good, which will ensure and further a harmonious, thus continual existence of planet Earth. This mission is facilitated through simply helping people understand as well as accept their true value and worth on a level where most have difficulty seeing and grasping.

Develops pure concepts of Self

The company helps to develop your concepts of self-appreciation, self-love, self-acceptance, self-healing and belief in the Divine who resides in the hearts of us all from birth. We encourage people to go within themselves to rediscover passion and power that drive our very existence. What makes this mission necessary is the common thoughts of man.

Redirection of focus

People often get caught up in the look of their outward reality and determine that’s all they have to work with for living. However, many of us know that everything we currently see has been created from something that FIRST occurred within the mind of an individual or collective individuals prior to it taking physical form.

The NIA project, Inc. redirects your focus to the center of your vibration that connects with the creative essence of the Absolute. The very core of our existence is where change and possibility await our attention. This is where you can harness the power of creation and begin to open doors and windows that once seemed closed and not available to you.

When you return to the vibration that feels the best and receives a doting stare of passion from you, then you’ll be catapulted into new horizons and journeys that await you.

Dedication to your achievement

The NIA Project, Inc. is dedicated to helping you achieve your desires. You can choose to look at your life as miraculous, fun and free, or you can choose to look at it is hard, boring and worthless. You can seek to have more so that you can do more and be more even though you already are and have everything you already need. On the other hand, you can work yourself to the bone, striving to reach and get everything you can imagine, only to discover that you’ll be reaching and grabbing forever.

Activity-based education

The NIA Project, Inc., through activity based education, coaching, audio programs, and books, teaches you how to make a conscious decision to begin with the belief in the reality you want to create. We continually assist you in your journey to manifesting all you believe and desire. What you believe will become your reality. Choose your belief very carefully because you want to be pleased with the outcome.