Sound Healing

Balance, clear, and connect the chakras with Vibrational Sound and Energy Therapy through The Alexander Method®: A complete chakra healing modality with consistent results!

Learn about Chakras

Curious about chakras and want a less heady approach? Pop into a weekly live class, join the next live course or download our coloring book to discover the chakras!


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Pure Bliss

The vibrational sound and energy therapy session was relaxing, heart opening and healing. If you are interested in trying different healing modalities that will help bring yourself into proper alignment, book your session TODAY!

Khalilah M.

Infin8te Lotus

Cared For

It was wonderful working with Megan! She made me feel valued and cared for. She respected my time and was fun to work with! She helped me reach an important goal and I would definitely recommend her course to others!

Jamie K.

Wholistic Pet Mentor

A New Person

I have been to many conferences but I have to say this was way more than what I ever experienced! To connect with so many women who were all so determined to be healed! Megan helped heal wounds I didn't even know existed! After leaving, I fell in love again with my passion! I left a new person! I feel like I received practical and real ways to change my life!

Harmony H.

Conference Attendee