As many joked about super-powers coming in on this day, a day when the planetary alignment is something that happened 800 years ago with two slow moving planets, Saturn and Jupiter, I was consumed with going inward to discover a new world of possibilities.

My software needed updating. I, like many, had been running old programs, which had glitches and no longer work for our current environment.

For many, 2020 has been a tumultuous year filled with uncertainty, death at every turn and crumbling of the old. When looking outward and around at what seems to be the collective energy of this time, common themes abound:


On one hand, to some it appears that the country and the world are on a downward spiral with no hope for humanity.

On the other hand, it appears that this time has been rich with opportunity for releasing old ideas about reality, being still, focusing inward and cultivating more gratitude for life's simple pleasures and meaning.

It has been nine months since I miscarried my last baby, and I’m finally at the place where my rebirth is emergent and happening, which begs the question, "What has been destroyed and is requiring your attention for birth?

Common themes for this lens are:

Inner Vision

As we near the final days of this current year, I will continue to listen to the soul whispers as Spirit continues to beckon my opening, allowing old paradigms to crumble and a new earth to emerge, starting within.

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