Step Into The Soul Sanctuary

A sacred container for the woman who needs to remember she is powerful even when she is completely exhausted.

Rest is NOT Revolutionary!  Rest is a requirement. We are designed to rest. Even on our worst day, rest is necessary. Rest is productive. Rest is directly related to success.

As a powerful and high-performing woman, you are always on. Someone always needs you. Your job, your children, your significant other, your family, girlfriends, other friends, maybe even your pet!

Most importantly, YOU need you!

Where is the space for you to rest and cocoon?

The Soul Sanctuary was created for just that-- You... to rest, in an intimate and intentionally nourishing environment, spending two days and one night fostering restoration of a healthy nervous system and re-defining your authentic & innate power.

This event was especially curated with the winter solstice in mind.

It's the time when the sun seems to rest and the moonlight becomes more present. The sun is very active and forceful energy. The moon is magnetic, receptive and creative energy.
During this time of year, when "things die," it does not mean that life is not present. It is the time that we go inward to reflect on all the "data" we have gathered for the year, to know what works and what doesn't.
For some, this will feel rewarding. For some this may feel difficult. All are reflections of consciousness and outcomes from the year.
The energy can be transmuted creatively, planting deep seeds for nourishment and blooming throughout the coming year!

What You Can Expect

Carefully designed wellness experiences, intuitively crafted with your healing, clearing, fortifying, restoration and planting in mind.
Deeper, more impactful, and direct connection to Source.
Energy work through sound, somatic exercises, movement, and ceremony.
Opportunities for reflection, questions, discussion and more.
Time to fellowship and network with like-minded women, who are ready for significant change.
Access to our carefully selected wellness vendors.
Food, snacks and fun!
Swag to compliment your overall experience and extend to your home-life.

Meet Your Healing Collective

Thema Azize Serwa

Thema is raw, unapologetic power. When she shows up, the atmosphere shifts and the earth beneath her feet responds in reverence. This is not an exaggeration. To put into words what she represents and the medicine she brings, is almost futile because her presence immediately activates something imperative in you!

As the Founder of The Womb Sauna, Thema is an international Mogul who teaches and trains women all over the world to literally #HealEverything! As she is living proof of doing so through healing not only PCOS, PTSD & Depression over the years, LAST YEAR, she healed herself from rectal cancer without surgery, radiation or chemotherapy in just two months (Diagnosed on 10/10/2022. Completely cleared on 12/12/2022!)

The most beautiful thing about Thema is she KNOWS that you have the same potential and capacity to live this way too when you TRULY know who you are. She doesn't teach waiting to be saved. She teaches you that your very essence can also perform miracles and do great works!

Megan Jenifer-Harris

Megan is The Sage, The Lighthouse, The Fairy Godmother who ushers you gently, yet powerfully, back to communion with your Divine Nature through Sound, Vibration, Music & Energy. She is your Soul Catalyst & Energetic Advisor.

As a Master Vibrational Sound and Energy Therapist in The Alexander Method®️ of Vibrational Sound and Energy Therapy & Transformational Life Coach, Megan assists high-performing women to re-calibrate their life-force energy through her experiential transformational containers, so they can gain more focus, joy, clarity and connection.

During The Soul Sanctuary, Megan will use somatic energetic meditations and crystal instruments to active light codes within. These activations will assist you with tapping into your innate Divinity, which is required to begin clearing and shifting your set points for wellness.

Christine Lincoln

Christine is a culinary healer, educator, poet, storyteller, artist and activist. She is a culinary specialist who offers pop-up food ceremonies that reignite Ancestral Memories of our connection to Divine Mystery through a loving and reverent relationship with food.

Christine grew up on a farm, and intuitively grows, harvests and prepares food through healing divination. She creates "sacred healing plates:" meals with a consciousness that will transport you back to Eden, not when we had dominion over the earth, but when we walked in perfect union with her.

Christine has lived many lives: from drug addict to internationally award-winning Random House author, life coach, energy healer, and Poet Laureate Emeritus of York, Pennsylvania to name a few.

Christine has traveled all over the world and appeared on NPR, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and has been featured as a "Phenomenal Woman" in O: The Oprah Magazine.

She founded Spiritual Spa Day events that have traveled the east coast bringing spiritual modalities like prophetic art, soaking, healing touch, prophetic singing, birthing chambers, healing foods, sacred banners, and anointing oils in service to the whole woman--body, mind, emotion, and spirit.

Erin Walden & Kristina Walden-Hillard

Soul Stir Tea & Wellness is a sister duo, who curate unique tea & wellness experiences. These experiences always feature their all natural, artisan, crafted teas and are served with love. 

Sisters Erin & Kristina will be presenting their delicious signature KēWi Teas during a sacred tea ceremony, created exclusively for our VIP attendees.

Tasha Mack Fitness, LLC

Tasha Mack is a Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga and Meditation Instructor. She is also certified in Group Fitness and Online Coaching. Tasha's classes fill up quickly because of her energy, the vibe she creates and her dope playlists!

She thoroughly understands creating safe & brave spaces for women to move their bodies freely and comfortably. Tasha offers additional support services with strength training, meal planning and virtual classes.

Date and Location

VIP Attendees

Thurs. & Fri.


22-23, 2023

Private Beach House

Sandbridge, VA

Day Pass Attendees

Thursday only

December 22, 2023

All customer service inquiries can be handled either via text or phone at 757-828-7038


Since parking is limited in the residential area, we recommend those attending carpool or ride-share if possible.

We have a designated volunteer to assist with parking the day of.

What To Bring

Your favorite journal and pen (or colored pencils) to document any a-ha moments and pertinent revelations.
A yoga mat or meditation pillow to either sit or lay comfortably during the sound bath and guided meditation. VIP attendees will also need their yoga mats for day 2.
A blanket or jacket just in case your body temperature drops during the sound bath and guided meditation.
Any comfort items you need for grounding and to keep yourself settled.  We will be doing some deep spiritual and emotional work. At times it helps to have something familiar nearby to help you feel anchored and centered. Your favorite blanket would be great for this type of item and time of year.
An open mind and willing heart to trust the safety and sacredness of the space. Doing so will allow you to get the most rewarding experience within your current belief system and faith.
VIP ticket holders will be emailed special instructions for how to fully and adequately prepare for both days.

Itinerary for Day One

Arrive at the guest house in the morning with specific instructions for where and how to park.
You will be greeted & welcomed by one of our volunteers.
VIP ticket holders will be accompanied to their rooms so they can put their items down and get comfortable.
Interact with the vendors as guests continue to arrive.
Enjoy light fare while getting acquainted to the space and shopping with vendors.
Megan will open the event with somatic-meditation and crystal instruments during a sound bath.
Thema will follow with an intensive transformational experience that will activate you deeply and profoundly.
A moment to rest and re-calibrate
During this time, you can walk the grounds, journal, lay down, interact with the vendors more & hydrate. Use this as a bit of quiet time to integrate what you just experienced.
Time for an early dinner! Catering for Day One will be delivered from a local restaurant.
After dinner, we will have a light-releasing and sealing ceremony. This will be the final ceremony for day pass holders and signify the conclusion of Day One.
Music, play & dancing is encouraged.
The vendor market will stay open until 7:45 pm.

VIP Ticket Holders | Day One Continued

The rest of the evening will consist of pampering and girl talk while reflecting on the day. Get to enjoy conversations with The Healing Collective while winding down and preparing for deep, restful sleep.

Enjoy your Restore Instant Facial and Moisturizer by Purely Sunnah if you desire.
Relax with a customized tea ceremony by Soul Stir Tea and Wellness.
Feel loved and affirmed during our sacred sister foot washing ceremony.
Potentially ONE more surprise that is still in the works.

Day Two VIP Itinerary

Wake Up Refreshed with Meditation and Yoga

Early risers can participate in a walking meditation with Megan to open up the lungs, set intentions, activate light codes and awaken your pineal gland.

After the walking meditation, connect more deeply to your body with a soul yoga flow lead by Tasha Mack. Although she normally does a vinyasa flow, for the changing season and to continue to foster the embodiment of rest, Tasha's flow will be more slow, deliberate and soul oriented.

She will seal the flow with a closing guided meditation.

Shower, Pack and Prepare for a Sacred Sacrament

Christine, our ancestral food ceremonialist, is introduced to each VIP ticket holder once they complete their purchase.

She will speak with you about certain dietary restrictions & allergies, and will consider those things when she is intuiting what your unique body needs during this winter retreat.

During day one, she will continue to assess your energy when she meets you in person to further individuate your meal.

Christine will send you a custom invitation to the feast that will occur on Saturday around brunch time.

Your divined meal consists of the following:

A seated four course menu.
Organic, locally grown, seasonal meat and plant food medicine.
A healing beverage.
and a dessert--all of which will be made from scratch.
All foods will be prepared in a sacred kitchen that has been consecrated to The Great Mother.
All meals will be cooked in alkaline clay pots and pans handmade in Colombia.

Closing Ceremony by Thema & Megan

We end our time together with sacred practices to close, seal and protect each one of us as we move from our soul sanctuary back into our everyday lives. We will leave feeling empowered, restored, rested and ready to step into the winter, fortified and with our cups filled!

Ready to Join Us?

Get Your Ticket Today!

Tickets sell on a first come first serve basis. This is an intimate space & event, and it only has ELEVEN VIP Tickets available! In order to adequately prepare for the event, there will be no tickets sold after December 15th. 

Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable, so PLEASE make sure you are certain before you purchase. 

Price: $679 ($997 value)

Payment Plans Available!

Anything is possible with a payment plan!

We've got you covered with two options!

Secure your VIP Ticket with just TWO payments starting October 16th until December 15th

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10 Day Passes for Thursday, December 22nd are Available!

Since there are a limited number of VIP tickets, AND since not everyone can spend the night anyway, there is a day-pass option available for 10 people! This is a way to experience the magic, get filled with what you need, shop with the vendors and leave refreshed to take on the holiday season! Once these sell out, they are gone too! Day passes are also not refundable, HOWEVER, your day pass CAN be transferred to another attendee. We just need to obtain all contact details to ensure a smooth transfer and access to the event. Price: $279 ($500 value)

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